About Shukan NY Seikatsu

(“Shukan” means “Weekly Paper”. “Seikatsu” means “Living” or “Lifestyle”)
PUBLISHER : New York Seikatsu Press, Inc.ADDRESS : 71 West 47th St. Suite 307, New York, NY 10036TELEPHONE : (212)213-6069
E-MAIL : post@nyseikatsu.com
LANGUAGE : Japanese
FREQUENCY : Weekly (4 times a month)

Total : 20,000
* 16,500 Free Paper, placed in over 260 locations including other States (such as PA, MA, IN, GA, TX, FL, NC, CAノetc) and Japan + Subscribers by mail
* about 3,000 (Insert to NIKKEI Shimbun …Tri-State Area, Philladelphia, Washington DC, Ohio)
& 500 (Insert to Asahi Shimbun …NJ & Westchester Area)EDITORIAL ENVIRONMENT :
* Greater NY area local news, educational and cultural information, events, tips on living in America
* Approximately 28 – 36 pagesREADER’S PROFILE :
* Japanese business representatives who are on assignment from Japan Headquarters and their families, Independent business owners, Professionals (such as, Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs), Japanese business people who are hired locally and Students.
* Age distribution of readers: mainly, 30’s to 60’s

* Placed at Japanese Bookstores, Japanese Grocery stores, Japanese Restaurants, Retail Stores, Schools, Doctor’s offices, Japanese company’s offices.
* Distribution area : Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey (Bergen Co.), Connecticut (Fairfield Co.).+ Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Washington DC, San Antonio & Houston TX, Ohio, Detroit, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Florida, North Carolina, San Francisco etc.
* Subscribers by mail.
* Kinokuniya Bookstores : Shinjuku Main Store, Otemachi Building Store, Kokubunji Store, Tamagawa Takashimaya Store, Shibuya Store in Tokyo, Honmachi Store in Osaka, Fukuoka mainStore & Sapporo Main Store. etc…

About NY Seikatsu Digital Issue
*This web site started on Jan.13 2007.
*You can read all articles and advertising exactly the same as in the layout in our newspaper on this web site.
*At this site, you can see a slide-show, voices and sounds, movies on the articles and the ads.
*The advertisers can put a hyperlink on their advertising. So, readers can easily reach the advertiser’s homepage through our ad. space.
*We post the back issues on this site.
It means, once your ad. or article is placed in our newspaper, both the readers of the newspaper and users of the web site can share same information . This is very helpful which can result in multiplied exposure of your advertising.
*15,000 readers / week