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(27) [English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2016年(平成28年)8月27日(土) NYクール日本 VOICES From “BEYOND Tomorrow” THE NEW YORKERS Students From Japan “Peace on Your Wings” Hosted by Susan Hamaker The Jiro Murase Memorial Fundmi The origa- paper COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ Viewpoints The closing ceremony of thecrane became “BEYOND Tomorrow Summer Globala symbol of Program US Summer Program 2016”peace because was held by the Global Fund forof Sadako Education Assistance at the MuraseSasaki, the Room of Japan Society on August 10th.young girl Fourteen Japanese high school stu-who survived the atomic bombing dents who participated in the trainingof Hiroshima during World War II program mingled with those involvedbut died of leukemia ten years with the U.S.-Japan Foundation, includ-later. During her time in the hospi- ing supporters of the Jiro Murasetal, Sadako and her friends folded Memorial Fund and US host thousand paper cranes in The students talked about their futureaccordance to the Japanese legend ambitions as well as impressionsthat says if you do so, you will be received through the training program.granted one wish. After New York attorney Satoru Sadako’s wish may not have The Secret of Successful Murase, son of the late Jiro Murase,come true, but her story has been Publishing: Think of greeted attendees and Minamiimmortalized in books, films, and Helping Others Tsubouchi explained the business con-even museum exhibitions. She has tents of the training, H.E.Mr.Hiroshi “You should publish a book notalso inspired “ Peace on Your Minami, the Ambassodor, Deputy because you want to do so but becauseWings,” an original musical star- Permanent Representative of Japan to there are people who want it,” said pub- From left, Mr. Hersey, Rev.Nakagaki and Mr. Bonneau the UN, took lead of the toast. The stu-ring a cast of Asian youths from lishing consultant Eiji Doi (photo), at a dents then introduced themselves. ThisHawaii. Produced by Ohana Arts, panel discussion on writing bestsellinga non-profit whose mission is to books. It was hosted by Fun-iverse, Inc., on August 12th at Rennert International “Hiroshima and Nagasaki” year, Washington D.C. was included with New York and Boston as trainingpromote world peace, the show in NYC. Mr. Doi trains writers for Art & Photo Exhibition sites. Thanks to Maya Kassandra Soetoro- books that sell well; former students future...we have practiced peace Ng, who is a sister-in-law of President include Marie Kondo, the author of “Hiroshima and Nagasaki” Art and activism through art.” His grandfather Obama, students were able to visit the “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Photo Exhibition was held from August John Hersey visited Japan soon after White House as well. Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering 16th through the 26th at the Japanese the war and wrote the book Student participant Minako Arakawadebuted in Honolulu in 2014 and and Organizing.” He underscored the American Association (49 West 45th “Hiroshima” that has since sold three (16) said that she hoped to further studywent on a statewide tour the fol- importance of passion to contribute to Street, 11th Floor). This year, Kunio million copies which helped Americans international relations in college other people in communities through Suzuki, the artist from Japan, created alowing year. understand more about atomic bomb because of her experience this summer. publishing, adding that New York large painting on fabric that depicts the “Peace on Your Wings” will devastation. The “BEYOND Tomorrow program” should have many small but interesting four seasons.make its New York premiere next In previous years, the event has was established in 2011, when the Grate stories worth publishing globally. During the August 15th eveningmonth, telling Sadako’s story on beenled mainly by Rev. Kenjitsu East Japan Earthquake happened. Its Other panelists at the event were reception, Francois Bonneau andFriday, September 9 at 7:30 p.m. Nakagaki. This year, it was co-spon- purpose is to train the next generation Koichiro Kobayakawa, an editor and Cannon Hersey, who exhibited pho-and Saturday, September 10 at sored by the “Nagasaki Battenkai” global leaders in the future. This year, president of CrossMedia Publishing, tographs of atomic bomb victims and2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Group, which was appointed this sum- approximately 35 students were chosen Inc., who commented on publishing devastated areas for this event, madeJohn Jay College Gerald W. Lynch mer as Nagasaki Special Peace from 300 applicants throughout Japan. strategically; Takayoshi Nishimura, the compelling speeches about their work.Theater (524 W. 59th Street). The Correspondent. Chairman Takeshi The Jiro Murase Memorial Fund was author of “Praise to Live”, who spoke of Mr. Bonneau has taken photographs ofJapanese American Association of Yamaguchi (80) said, “I came back established in 2014 by the cooperation the importance of maintaining strong bomb victims in cooperation with theNew York is co-sponsoring the with my family from Taiwan six of the Japan Society and the United will for the future; and Tomomi U.N. “I (pursued) them (victims forNew York production. Tickets are months after the war. I remember that States-Japan Foundation. Jiro Murase Ishimura, CEO of Body Tone Yoga and photos) particularly this year, thinking$30-$40 and $15 for students and Nagasaki people strongly pray for this was a prominent Japanese-American a former actress, who said that it is that this may be the last chance as theyare available for purchase online at tragedy never to be repeated.” attorney and leader of Japanese-U.S. important to think about what to do are aging,” he said. Mr. Hersey (Kaoru Komi /Translated by Kunio business relations. (Kaoru Komi when, like many other New Yorkers, stressed, “We need to look straight at (Susan is the writer/editor of Shimura) /Translated by Arata Oyama) your dream comes true. the history and think about theJapanCultureNYC, an English-language website for all things (Ryoichi Miura/Translated by Kenji NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSUJapanese in New York.) 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