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(27) [English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2016年(平成28年)7月16日(土) NYクール日本 VOICES From Bessho Kourou THE NEW YORKERS Appointed as New An Enemy Once Before U.N. Ambassador Travis Suzaka The Japanese During World Ministry ofWar II, my four Foreign Affairsgrandparents joined COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ Viewpoints appointedmore than 100,000 Bessho Kourouother Japanese as permanentAmericans residing representative ofon the West Coast Niigata Provides Rice Japan to thewho were taken for New Japanese United Nations,away by the U.S. ambassadorgovernment with only a suitcase of Culinary Course extraordinary and plenipotentiary as ofbelongings. Forced to abandon the June 10, 2016. Bessho was born inbusinesses, household and careers that Collaborating with Suntory Holdings, Hyogo prefecture in 1953.they worked so hard to establish, my the Culinary Institute of America, Entering the Ministry of Foreigngrandparents were taken to the local known as CIA, will hold a new Japanese Affairs in 1975 upon graduating fromfairgrounds where they slept in horse culinary course at its main New York the University of Tokyo in law, Besshostalls, before being transported to campus (Hyde Park) in September 2016. held prominent positions such as coun-Minidoka incarceration camp in Niigata prefecture has offered to provide selor for Embassy of Japan in UnitedIdaho. For the duration of the war, cooking ingredients. States and the United Kingdom in thethey remained within the barbed wire On July 5, Governor Hirohiko 1990's, and the first director-general offence— imprisoned for being a “secu- Izumida of Niigata prefecture, International Cooperation Bureau whenrity risk” that was solely based on Yoshihide Hayakawa, speaker of the it was newly created in 2007. His lasttheir ancestral connection to Japan. Niigata Prefecture Congress, and others position was ambassador extraordinary Hearing stories and looking at old visited New York for the Niigata Rice and plenipotentiary of Japan to thephotographs that depict the wide- Presentation Ceremony (sponsored by Republic of Korea since 2012. (Ryoichi Niigata prefecture and backed by Miura/Translated by Hiroko Makabe) JETRO). On the same day, Shinbashi Restaurant held a Niigata Day, servingspread anti-Japanese sentiment during regional cuisine usingthe war, I can't help but notice that the Niigata rice to guestssame thing is happening to Muslim and general customersand Sikh Americans today. Just as the throughout the day.mass incarceration of Japanese “Just one bite had aAmericans was purely based on fear, delicious taste differentnot evidence, the anti-Muslim rhetoric from other rice I'veperpetuated through politics and the ever eaten,” said amass media today stems again from Japanese guest.paranoia. The xenophobic politics has Another Americanlabeled several immigrant groups as ful, long wedding kimono for the bride guest commented, “I Governor Izumida (left) and CIA President Ryanthe enemy, fueling the long list of Shinto-Style Wedding was provided by Masaki International love Japanese food because it is so deli- Governor Izumida commented, “It isanti-Muslim hate crime and violence Ceremony (represented by Masaki Sawada) of cious.” a great honor. I hope the world will seethat continues to grow today. Sendai City in Miyagi prefecture. Governor Izumida presented a dona- the splendor of Japanese cuisine. I do As a member of a community that at Globus Washitsu Before the ceremony, they walked in tion list of koshihikari rice from Niigata not think prices will frighten Newhas been victimized by the same For deeper interest and understand- a wedding procession from Madison prefecture to CIA President Timothy Yorkers. New York is the showcaseshameful fear and anger, I'm saddened ing of Shinto and Japanese culture, the Square Park to Globus Washitsu with Ryan in front of the Niigata Products PR window of the world.”to see that the lesson was never first Shinto-style wedding ceremony in Empire State Building as a backdrop, Corner adjacent to the restaurant. “Forty For Niigata Day, many New Yorkerslearned. I hope that the Japanese New York was held in the afternoon of attracting the eyes of New Yorkers. students will learn Japanese culinary including members of New YorkAmerican community will take the June 19 at Globus Washitsu (Broadway The Miyajidake Shrine also held a skills from Tsuji Culinary School Niigata Prefectural Associationpain and abandonment that we experi- at 19th Street; represented by Stephen luncheon event at the United Nations instructors from Japan. I am very glad to (chaired by Kenji Otsubo) visited theenced, and stand up against the anti- Globus). Mr. Masato Sadahiro and Ms. Headquarters building on June 15. be working with Suntory, Niigata pre- restaurant to support the event.Muslim sentiment that has spread too Mayuka Inaba, residents of New York, (Written by Ryoichi Miura /Translated fecture and the Japanese government,” (Ryoichi Miura/Translated by Kuniowide, because just like them, we were participated in the ceremony. The two by Kunio Shimura) Ryan said. Shimura)once called “the enemy.”(Travis just filed their marriage here in April.Suzaka is a fourth-generation NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSU Chief priest Yuzuru Kiyomi of NEW YORK SEIKATSU PRESS, INC., 71 W 47 St, Suite 307 New York NY 10036 USAJapanese American from Seattle. Miyajidake Shrine in Fukuoka prefec- Editor in chief: Ryoichi Miura, Associate Editor: Travis Suzaka, Editor: Kaoru KomiContact him at ture conducted the ceremony. A beauti- Advertise Here! Contact 212-213-6069