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(27) [English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2016年(平成28年)7月9日(土) NYクール日本 VOICES From THE NEW YORKERS The “Romantic Astronomy” of Tanabata Susan Hamaker The Japanese cal-endar is filled with COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ Viewpointsholidays and obser-vances, andTanabata (“night ofthe seventh”), cele- JETRO NY HOSTS JAPAN PAVILIONbrated each year on Jacob Javitz Center Franchise Expo Mari Nakajima:July 7, is one of myfavorites. Also called the Star Ready to Bring Cosmetics, Ramen, Riceballs to the US Market UproariousFestival, the story has roots inChinese folklore. Japan External Trade Organization Impersonations Princess Orihime (the star Vega) (JETRO) presented a Japan Pavilion at Mari Nakajima, a talented imperson-weaved night and day, so her father, the International Franchise Expo (IFE), ator, performed “Impersonation in Newthe emperor of the galaxy, arranged the largest expo of this kind in the U.S, York” at the Duplex Cabaret Theater infor his workaholic daughter to meet to promote franchising companies the West Village on June 17th and 18th.handsome cowherd Hikoboshi (the from Japan. The expo was held at the Starting off the night with the themestar Altair). It was love at first sight, Jacob Javits Center over a three-day song “Key Hunter” by Nogiwa Yokoand the couple married immediately. period from June 16th to the 18th. Six from a popular TV drama of the ShowaBusy being a devoted wife, Princess companies from popular Japanese era, Nakajima immediately delightedOrihime neglected her weaving to the industries of food, education, and the mostly baby-boomer audience.point that the emperor separated the beauty set up displays at the expo, Previously, that song had cinchedyoung lovers, sending Hikoboshi to seeking to open up franchises in the Nakajima’ s win on “ The 27ththe other side of the Amanogawa, or U.S. Impersonation Championship Special”the Milky Way. Princess Orihime The exhibiting companies included of Japan in 1995. The audience roaredcried and cried, beginning the rainy Agri Holdings (Samuraisu), whoseseason with her tears. Her father per- goal is to promote Japanese rice and Ms. Ikuyo Kasuga explains Natural Aromatic Cosmetics from Kyotomitted her to visit Hikoboshi one day food culture through onigiri (ricea year, on the seventh day of the sev- balls), Copel (Infant Class Copel), would like everyone to try this prod- ramen,” said Murata. (Ryoichi Miura/enth month. Tentakaku (Menka Iroha), a ramen uct,” said Ikuyo Kasuga, HRC’s CEO. Translated by Mao Touge) To honor the star-crossed lovers, restaurant that has won the Tokyo Masahiro Murata, Kaiko’s CEO, was in laughter as Nakajima further imper-the Japanese write wishes on thin Ramen Show championship five times promoting his company’s ramen. “I sonated a series of Japanese entertain-strips of paper called tanzaku and in a row, Human Resource want everyone in the U.S. to have a ers, singers and actresses such ashang them from bamboo branches. Communications (HRC Nursery) taste of authentic Hokkaido miso Misora Hibari, Nakajima Miyuki, The tale weaved its way into which provides natural cosmetics, Yamaguchi Momoe, and MatsudaAmerican pop culture in an episode of Kaiko, which makes Hokkaido ramen, Seiko, as well as Dewi Sukarno andThe Big Bang Theory, with astro- and Shinsen (Ninja Noodles) which is Rev. Setouchi Jakucho.physicist Raj Koothrappali referring developing fast-food style ramen Toshi Cappuccino, a theater criticto Tanabata as “romantic astronomy.” restaurants. and entertainer who produced the show,Say what you will about Valentine’s HRC aims to enter the U.S. market also made a guest appearance. “It’sDay; to me Tanabata is the most with its facial cleansing gel product. superbly annoying that she drew a big-romantic observance of the year. “You can’t find anything like this in ger audience than my show!” (Susan is the writer/editor of the U.S., so many people are amazed Cappuccino remarked playfully as heJapanCultureNYC, an English-lan- by it. It was developed at aesthetic also entertained the delighted crowd.guage website for all things Japanese salons in Japan, so it’s perfect for A riceball to a baseball: (Ryoichi Miura/Translated by Hirokoin New York.) Japanese people’s sensitive skin. I the special onigiri of Samrice Manabe) Ramen Kaiko from Hokkaido to make people who appreciate his work illustration work. Matsumoto says that Illustrator Shin Matsumoto’s First New York Exhibit happy through his art, Matsumoto was he would like to branch out in New The illustrator Shin Matsumoto, who watercolor. Matsumoto’s muse is his 12- working for manufacturing company in York, as “New York is full of art.” His was born in Hyogo prefecture, Japan, year-old daughter, and he expresses the Hyogo in 2013 when he started draw- works are available to view at www.a- had his very first exhibition in New world of innocent and dreamy children ing. Since then, he honed his artistic (Jun Nishimura/Translated York from June 7th to the 11th. by using soft colors and lines. Hoping skill on his own, concentrating on his by Chikako Iwasaki) Twenty-one of his enchanting works NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSU were on display. All of his illustrations NEW YORK SEIKATSU PRESS, INC., 71 W 47 St, Suite 307 New York NY 10036 USA are of angels and girls by way of com- Editor in chief: Ryoichi Miura, Associate Editor: Vanessa Marsh, Editor: Kaoru Komi “Happiness of Angels and Children” puter graphics but have the look of fine Advertise Here! Contact 212-213-6069