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(27) [English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2016年(平成28年)7月2日(土) Japanese school near the UN building NYクール日本 VOICES From and gave a lecture to about 30 students from over 4th grade on June 18th, and THE NEW YORKERS Ikuei/Japanese Childrens Society on the 20th. Ms. Takase said, “It was a big Inspiring the Next achievement to teach children in New Generation York about the history of the Peace Bell. Stacy Smith I hope they will tell their families about As an inter- it after they got home.”preter, one of thecoolest things COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ Viewpoints The picture book ($23) is available in the US at the Kinokuniya Book Store inabout my job is New York. (Ryoichi Miura/Translated by Mai Moore)getting to workwith famous peo- UN PEACE BELL:ple. I was lucky Picture Book Commendation Ceremonyenough to have agig this week with Published for Masayo Ishigure bythe Japanese soc- Consulate-General NYcer superstar Keisuke Honda. This 30year-old is not only an amazing athlete,but also an entrepreneur and philan-thropist. In 2007 he started his ownmanagement company Honda Estilo,whose soccer program has grown toover 60 schools and 3,500 students.Honda has personally traveled exten-sively throughout Asia to conduct soccer Peace Bell at the United Nationscamps. This week the United Nations Recently published by theFoundation designated Honda as a “Association for the Preservation of the Ms.Takase shows a miniature Peace Bell at the Japanese school in NY UN Peace Bell (Japan)” is a picture book entitled "The Story of the UN of UNAJ and Peace Bell...The Japanese Man Who installed in 1954; On the evening of June 20th, the Made Possible the Peace Bell Through two years later, Consulate-General of Japan in New Coins” (written in both Japanese and Japan officially York held an awards ceremony for English) about the origin of the "Peace became the 80th Masayo Ishigure, a koto and shamisenGlobal Advocate for Youth. In this role, member of thehe will engage youth in support of Bell” at the Japanese Garden at the performer, at the consul general/ambas- United Nations Headquarters. UN. On sador’s residence.achieving the UN’ s Sustainable “International DayDevelopment Goals by 2030. At the This year marks the 60th anniversary Ms. Ishigure, who has been perform- of Japan joining the United Nations, for Peace” every Rutsuko Aizawa ing for over 25 years, was commendedofficial announcement in DC, young September, it has become a tradition thatsoccer players from the area had the and the picture book conveys a signifi- for making significant contributions cant message of peace from Japan. the United Nations Secretary-General toward the promotion of Japanesechance to interact with Honda and rings the bell to mark the opening of thereceive balls signed by him. It was The draft was written by Ms. Seiko music in New York and throughout the Takase (68) who is a representative of UN General Assembly. U.S. Ms. Ishigure started learning theapparent that Honda, who has children Ms. Takase was motivated to writehimself, was in his glory amongst these the UN Association of Japan and also koto at five years old, and since the age the sixth daughter of Mr Chiyoji the book when she read an article in of thirteen she has been performingyoung players. Japan about the Peace Bell two years In media interviews, Honda empha- Nakagawa (1905-1972), a former assis- “tJiuta-shamisen.” “tJiuta” is traditional tant director of UNAJ and the former ago. She says “ It said the bell was cast Japanese music played with thesized that he was a talentless child who from coins gathered from children alleveryone said would never go pro, but mayor of Uwajima City in Ehime shamisen. Prefecture, Japan. Mr. Chiyoji over the world.” After research, she Cover of the picture book She was apprenticed to the late kotothat due to relentless hard work he was found out that the Peace Bell’s originable to achieve his dream. His goal is Nakagawa developed the idea to design master Tadao Sawai. In 1986, she and donate the Peace Bell to the UN. story has changed over the 60 years of its ceremony, she realized “the best way is became a fellow student of the Sawaifor all children to have similar dreams existence. She consulted the Foreign to teach children in the world about theand the chance to achieve them. I had The text and illustration of the book are Koto School; she moved to New York by Ms. Rutsuko Aizawa. Ministry and notified them of the histori- history first” in order to spread word of in 1992 and taught at Wesleyanonly known Honda as the bleached cal facts last year with the help of the the bell’s true origins. She worked onblonde from sports news, but came to In 1951, before Japan became a University in Connecticut for over 10 member of the UN, Mr. Nakagawa Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN. the book for about a year after she years. In 2012, she started teaching atrespect this firmly grounded superstar Also, she and her brother, Mr. Shikatarou returned to Japan from New York. Ms.with more than fame on his mind. It went to the UN Conference in Paris at Columbia University. She performed his own expense. He then gathered Nakagawa, were invited to the UN head Takase, Ms. Aizawa, and the represen- the koto in the soundtrack for thedoesn’t hurt that he contributed 10 mil- quarters and attend the bell-ringing cere- tative of non-profit organization AMIElion yen to relief efforts in my Japanese coins and medals from the delegates of Hollywood film “Memoirs of a Geisha” 65 nations who were participating in mony. Kazuko Horiuchi who joined as a vol- in 2005.(Ryoichi Miura/Translated byhometown of Kumamoto, or that his After she visited New York for the unteer visited Lyceum Kennedywife is someone he’s known since high the conference, added a donative medal Mao Touge)school. (Stacy Smith/Japanese inter- from the Pope as well as Japanese NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSUpreter, translator, writer/Website: coins, and cast the “Peace Bell” with NEW YORK SEIKATSU PRESS, INC., 71 W 47 St, Suite 307 New York NY 10036 Blog: all the pieces. Editor in chief: Ryoichi Miura, Associate Editor: Vanessa Marsh, Editor: Kaoru Komi The bell was donated under the name Advertise Here! Contact 212-213-6069