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(27)[English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2016年(平成28年)3月12日(土) NYクール日本 VOICES From THE NEW YORKERS The GazettE and BABYMETAL Justin Tedaldi Locatedin the heart of COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ ViewpointsTimes Square,the PlayStationTheater willhost two popu-lar Japaneserock acts laterthis spring. Makingtheir NYC debut April 29 are theGazettE, a Kanagawa-based rock quin-tet that follows in the footsteps of otherGotham-conquering visual kei acts likeX Japan and L’Arc~en~Ciel. Formed in2002, the band has performed in Europemultiple times since 2007, and willheadline its first shows in America thisspring in support of its latest album, Momotaro Serves2015’s “Dogma.” The band’s biggest world tour to as the Gateway todate kicks off in Mexico City April 15, Success for Hairand will take them to a total of 11 coun- Stylists at the Newtries outside of Japan, including stops in York Fashion WeekDallas, San Francisco, and Los Angelesin the States. Still completely self-pro- Olympian Fumie Suguri ities the New York Seikatsu Press has planned for New York’s Japanese com- munity. (Hazuki Ichinose/Translated byduced, the GazettE continue movingforward, uncompromised in their artistic Successfully Introduces Etsuko Noda) A large number of Japanese hair stylists come to New York for the New York Fashion Week and oneand unique worldview at home andabroad. Skating to Fifty Children stop on their itinerary is Momotaro. Owned by Sammy Miyamoto, the May 4 brings the return ofBABYMETAL, a trio of teenage girls Japanese Winter Olympian skater yakitori. Try to spin while keeping your Japanese hair salon attracts promi-who perform a fusion of metal and idol Fumie Suguri conducted a skating body upright.” That piece of advice nent hair stylists such as Shin Hatamusic dubbed kawaii (cute) metal. After brought smiles to the faces of parents − the owner of a Tokyo hair salon class at the Ice House in New Jersey on February 27. Hosted by the New observing their children trying to spin named Max Blonde who has partici- York Seikatsu Press and LeadOff and say “Yakitori” at the same time. pated in the event seven straight Sports Marketing and sponsored by At the end of the class, Suguri signed years − who aim to popularize IACE Travel Company, the event autographs and gave postcards to all the Japanese beauty techniques in addi- attracted roughly 100 participants − participants, as well as took pictures tion to providing outstanding ser-playing to a capacity crowd at fifty of whom were six-and seven- with all the children. On what was sure- vice for customers. Momotaro alsoHammerstein Ballroom in 2014, the year-old elementary school students. ly an unforgettable day, Suguri said, serves as a rehearsal studio for thegroup returns to support its second Those fifty children were divided “I’m very happy to meet children who event as for the third straight year,album “Metal Resistance,” which will into three teams, each of which took are working hard to adapt to life in a Shogo Nikaido - president of thebe released in Japan and several turns learning in groups techniques foreign country. I want them to find Tokyo-based design planning com-English-speaking territories in April. like moving forward, moving back- something that can be their passion. It pany Augment - sent hair stylistsAfter playing venues like the Tokyo wards and spinning from Suguri and can be skating or something else.” The and managers to the salon to pre-Dome and Wembley Arena in London, assistant coaches. figure skater added, “I am familiar with pare for Fashion Week.BABYMETAL is poised to become one The children also learned skills such New York as it was once my main Miyamoto once stated, “Timeof the biggest (and widely known as how to skate with a correct posture, training location. I would like to live Japanese Winter Olympian Fumie changes, but the designer’ s skill isabroad) musical acts in Japan today. use a pivot foot and glide comfortably here someday.” Suguri in action at the Ice House always paramount in any era.” For more information, visit on ice. Suguri used a food analogy to The event was just one of many activ- (Photo: Shigeru Hisamatsu) (Weinstein Imai Kinue/ make a major point to her students as by Chikako Iwasaki)(Justin has written about Japanese arts at one point she asked the children, NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSUand entertainment since 2005. For more “Have you had yakitori? Imagine how NEW YORK SEIKATSU PRESS, INC., 71 W 47 St, Suite 307 New York NY 10036 USAof his stories, visit you would stand with a skewer insert- Editor in chief: Ryoichi Miura, Associate Editor: Rashaad Jordan, Editor:Kaoru Komi ed from your head to your hip like Advertise Here! Contact 212-213-6069