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(27)[English Edition]  週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2015年(平成27年)10月17日(土) NYクール日本 VOICES From Isabella House THE NEW YORKERS Holds Tour for Local Japanese 40% of Residents are Japanese Heritage Japan’s Official Flag by Masuo Ichida On the afternoon of September 22, the Japanese American Association of Arguably one New York conducted a tour at theof the world’ smost instantly COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ Viewpoints Isabella House, Independent Living for Older Adults in north Manhattan as partrecognizable of of the ninth annual Senior Week.flags is Japan’s,elegantly simple Hideyo Noguchi Many Japanese and Japanese Americans live in the Isabella, occupy-yet commanding New York Exhibit ing 32 out of 78 households. The centera powerful pres- Commemorating 110th has created an environment whereence. Officially called Nisshõki, or sun Anniversary of Nippon Club Japanese residents can feel comfortable,mark flag, in Japanese, it is much more offering Japanese books in the librarycommonly known as the Hinomaru, or The Nippon Club will open “Doctor Noguchi’s New York, New and white rice with of the sun. Hinomaru was original- Thirty two people, including sixly adopted in February of 1870 by mer- York” on October 29, commemorating the club’s 110th anniversary. The members of the Princeton Japanesechant and other civil ships and by 1899 Association, joined the tour. With thebecame the official symbol of Japan. exhibit will run through Nov. 23 at Nippon Gallery (145 West 57th Street) guided help of Betty Lehman, directorAlthough the exact origins of the Hinomaru is marketing, they toured the two rooms ofstill unknown, the significance of the rising sun and is cosponsored by the Hideyoseems to have had symbolic meaning since the Noguchi Memorial Foundation inearly 7th century when official correspondence Japan.from the Emperor of the Rising Sun was sent Born in Fukui prefecture, Hideyoto Chinese Emperor Yang of Sui. Noguchi (1876-1928) came to America The large red disc in the center of the to work at University of Pennsylvania many decades, the organization has microscope he used, a hand-writtenflag represents the sun (and the country in 1900. He later became a member of strived to support U.S.-Japan relations, resume and photo albums.of Japan) and the surrounding white, the Rockefeller Institute of Medical facilitating networking and coopera- Admission is free. Nippon Gallery ispurity, honesty and integrity of the Research where his studies on tion between Japanese in the United open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. toJapanese people. The sun has always syphilitic spirochete were highly States and local political and business 6 p.m., Saturday until 5 p.m. Throughplayed an extremely important role in acclaimed in the medical world at the circles. The exhibit traces the 24 years November 23. For more information,Japanese mythology, religion and cul- time, nominating him as a Nobel Prize of Noguchi’s life and work, from when call:212-581-2223 or visit www.nippon-ture. The emperor of Japan is said to be a candidate. Noguchi was also an active he first arrived in New York until his (Yukishige Takesue/Translateddirect descendant of the celestial sun member of the Nippon Club. Over death in 1928. On display are the by Hiroko Makabe)goddess Amaterasu, a Shinto deity. The a one-bedroom apartment, the diningJapanese name for Japan can be pro- One of the eventnounced Nihon or Nippon, and the kanji Citizens Rally organizer, Rachel room where lunch and dinner are served, the nursing home and the librarycharacter reads “the origin of the sun.”Japan is also commonly referred to as for Peace Clark said, “We are in front of the build- where the visitors enjoyed a dance by the hula dance club. Later, an introduc-“The Land of the Rising Sun” because Protest Security Law ing where weapons- tion in Japanese was given by Yokocenturies ago people believed that Japan maker Mitsubishi Tajimi, a quality assurance at Isabella,was the most eastern situated lands and On September 27, Japanese and Heavy Industry and everyone tasted a Japanese bentowas thus awoken to the sun before any- American citizens gathered with signs resides. The present box lunch, which is provided to resi-one else. in hand at Union Square and government desires dents once a month. The varieties of the Japanese flag, Rockefeller Center in opposition to the to wage a war.” After the tour, participants com-namely with eight or sixteen rays extend- forcibly passed Security Law. Taking Peace activist Ann mented, “I could give a high score over-ing from the red center disc and some- the opportunity of Prime Minister Wright commented, all,” “The rooms were bright,” “Thetimes with a gold border, are generally Shinzo Abe’s stay in New York to “Thanks to Article 9 location was convenient to hang out.”reserved for The Japan Self-Defense attend the U.N. General Assembly, the Vigil in Solidarity with Okinawa, a of the Constitution, Japan experienced Meanwhile, many questions about foodForces, Japan Ground Self-Defense group against the construction of mili- no death in wars for 70 years. This were asked, including “Don’t you offerForces and historically the Imperial tary bases at Henoko and Takae in Security Law is awful. I’m absolutely Japanese meals?” and “Is there a storeJapanese Army and Navy. Okinawa, and by OVERSEAs, an orga- opposed to it.” She joined the demon- selling Japanese food nearby?” One vis- The Hinomaru remains Japan's symbol nization of overseas residents and con- stration with “No War, No Abe” written itor said, “I wish that more of the expla-of peaceful resilience. It has changed lit- cerned citizens. Local Japanese and on pink paper. nation was given in Japanese.”tle since its beginnings and will continue Americans joined in as well, including (Article by Kaoru Komi, Photo by (Article and photo by Kaoru Komi/to represent a country of people who groups held a yoga gathering to pray members of Granny, a group of Miura Ryoichi/Translated by Kunio Translated by Etsuko Noda)have overcome many hardships, for peace at Union square where they American grandmothers against war. Shimura)tragedies and natural disasters. engaged the local crowd for support, NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSU(Masuo Ichida is an educator, writer, and held signs on the sidewalk in front NEW YORK SEIKATSU PRESS, INC., 71 W 47 St, Suite 307 New York NY 10036 USAand illustrator for Seiko Oshima’s col- of Rockefeller Center. Editor in chief: Ryoichi Miura, Associate Editor: Travis Suzaka, Editor: Kaoru Komiumn, “NY SAIJIKI” ) The rally was organized by Blue Advertise Here! Contact 212-213-6069