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(23) [English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2015年(平成27年)2月14日(土) VOICES From Misako Rocks! NYクール日本 THE NEW YORKERS Popular for Women Who “Don’t Want to Regret” NBA D-Leaguer Life in New York Yuki Togashi Extremely popular amongst Justin Tedaldi teenagers in the United States, Originally comic artist Misako Rocks! hailing from (Misako Takashima) recently pub- COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers' Viewpoints N i i g a t a lished a new Japanese self-help Prefecture, graphic novel titled “Riyuu Toka 21-year-old Mokuteki Toka Nandatte Iijan! Men’s Aesthetics Japanese national bas- Challenge Shinakucha Koukai Mo Dekinai! New York Ryu Jibun Wo Portrayed by ketball team Tokihanatu Ikikata.” The book Ken-san veteran Yuki aims to provide advice for young, TADANORI YOKOO T o g a s h i single Japanese women living in joined the Texas Legends of the New York. Japan has been mourning the NBA Development League as a Misako’s approach to life has death of Ken Takakura since his point guard last November after had a major impact on young passing on November 10th, playing in four games with the women who 2014. Ken Takakura was Dallas Mavericks last year during don’ t want to famous for starring in yakuza Summer League. regret how they films in the 1960s. The films Togashi made his D-League spend their were so successful that theaters debut in New York on January lives. According showing them were always 24th, shooting a field goal in the to Misako, it is packed, even late at night, and third quarter that helped the important to be moviegoers developed a huge Legends rise to a 93-92 victory flexible in New fondness for the starring actor, over the Westchester Knicks in York. She giving him the affectionate their inaugural season. stresses that it is nickname “Ken-san.” That same week in January, important to Misako Rocks! With my work in the 1960s the New York Times featured a believe in your instincts and as a graphic designer drawing story on Yuta Watanabe, 20, a approach life with determination advertisements for big business- towering 6-foot-8 point guard for and vow never to give up. Instead es, I may have been seen as a George Washington University. A of focusing on your success (or sycophant of the establishment. native of Kagawa Prefecture in lack thereof) in the past, it is more However, during that time I also Shikoku, the Times dubbed him a important to focus on what you became a regular at night show- “Basketball Ambassador” in their want. Be brave and set a deadline ings of Ken-san’s movies where headline, drawing comparisons the characters he portrayed, between Watanabe and the Asian impatient with the rules and American NBA star (and former practices that served only the New York Knick) Jeremy Lin. powerful, fought against While the 5-foot-7 Togashi inequity with long swords at could be viewed as a long shot for for your career or job change. their sides. Japan’s political left, the NBA (where the average play- When you feel down, go to your who fiercely criticized the gov- er is at least a foot taller), he fol- favorite place, encourage yourself, ernment over their revision of Shin Abashiri Bangaichi 1969 Toei 728x515mm offset print on paper lows in the footsteps of players join a new group or event, find a the alliance treaty with the National International Museum © Tadanori Yokoo like Yuta Tabuse, the “Michael mentor, and don’t worry about feel- United States in 1960s and Jordan of Japan” and the first ing “off.” Focus on creating natural 1970s, found their ally in the painted gold, reminiscent of in Japan’s yakuza today. The lives Japanese-born basketball player to relationships with others and, yakuza characters Ken-san por- Buddha, with his lips crimson and of such men, cloaked in an air of play in the NBA, appearing in four above all, follow your instincts. trayed. the lyrics of the movie’s theme gloom and anguish, overlapped games with the Phoenix Suns dur- You’ll definitely be encouraged by Toei, the company that pro- song covering his entire body (see with Ken-san’s. “I wish him a ing the 2004-05 NBA season. her lifestyle if you decide to live in duced and distributed many of photo). I doubt that he ever liked more carefree life next time As the influence of American New York. Ken-san’s movies, contacted me the poster. I still feel as though I around, if there is such a thing,” basketball continues to captivate Misako’s book has been fea- unexpectedly and commis- can hear him complain that movies said his official photographer, Asia, Japanese youth with dreams tured on Kinokuniya’ s “ NY sioned me to draw a promotion- were different from the fine arts. Seiji Muto, who shared a close of turning pro are working hard to Weekly Bestseller” list. Misako al poster for the sequel to The yakuza members portrayed relationship with the iconic star. take part in this exciting new era. also plans to give lectures in uni- “Abashiri Prison.” In my final by Ken-san were often moral and (Tadanori Yokoo/ Translated by (Justin has written about Japanese versities and appear on TV pro- product, Ken-san’s body was humane, characteristics rarely seen Kenji Nakano) music and performing arts since grams in New York and Japan in NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSU 2005. 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