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(23) [English Edition] 週刊NY生活 SHUKAN NEW YORK SEIKATSU 2014年(平成26年)12月13日(土) VOICES From Japan’s Minister for NYクール日本 THE NEW YORKERS Foreign Affairs Recognizes Gary Moriwaki DC’s Daikaya and Susan Onuma for By Stacy Smith Community Service Thanks to interpreting for government clients, I spend COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers' Viewpoints quite a bit of time in DC. Washington’s restaurant scene Utagawa Hiroshige Ronin Gallery is an impressive one, with new loca- tions constantly opening and older places still receiving buzz. One and the Beauty of Japan 425 Madison Ave., 3rd Fl. New York, NY 10017 Tel:212-688-0188 example of the latter is Daikaya, a Mr. Moriwaki (left) combination ramen shop (first Gary Moriwaki, honorary presi- Utagawa Hiroshige, often floor)/izakaya (second floor) found dent of Japanese American referred to as Hiroshige (1797- in Chinatown that opened last year. Association of New York (JAA), 1858), was a prolific ukiyo-e Daikaya specializes in Sapporo- and Susan Onuma, president of woodblock print artist in Edo (pre- style ramen, made with a clear JAA, were awarded the Minister sent-day Tokyo). His masterpiece Chintan stock combining chicken, for Foreign Affairs’ landscape prints are now on dis- beef and pork and prepared for over Commendations for 2014 at the play at the Ronin Gallery (425 16 hours. There is shio, shoyu, mugi- ambassador to Japan’s official resi- Madison Avenue at the S.E. corner miso, spicy miso and vegetable of 49th Street, third floor) until ramen, as well as the usual host of December 29. toppings. The first floor housing the Hiroshige’s series titled “The ramen shop is a small space with 12 counter spots, shared seating long tables and a smattering of regular tables, and there is always a line of people outside waiting to slurp noo- dles. Daikaya really pays attention to little touches. Audio of Japanese 53 Stations of the Tokaido” clever- television plays over the speakers in ly utilizes perspective to illustrate the bathroom, and there are hooks elements of such as wind and rain. under the common tables where you His other series including “One can hang bags, etc., just like in Ms. Onuma (left) Hundred Famous Views of Edo,” Japan. dence on November 25. “Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Traveling to Daikaya’s upstairs With their expertise as lawyers, Provinces” and “Thirty-Six Views provides a totally different experi- both Moriwaki and Onuma have of Mount Fuji” also use daring ence. It has a stylish interior and led JAA in developing strong compositions to recreate the shapes offers truly inventive cuisine that Japan-U.S. ties through promoting and movement of water, light, goes beyond classic izakaya fare. the social welfare of Japanese and crags, sea foam and cliffs. Some standouts are the okonomiya- Japanese Americans, education and Hiroshige’s ability to capture the ki-style pork belly and Brussels culture. As president and honorary dynamism of nature and human sprouts skewers, and the grilled avo- president of JAA, they have played life has earned him the titles of cado served with wasabi and nori core roles in the organization’s “poet of travel” and “artist of shio. The creamy mentaiko spaghetti operations. Moriwaki has been the rain.” Hiroshige is also well recog- is amazing, and the miso braised president of JAA since 2008. He nized for the influence he had on saba with mustard “caviar” is out of coordinated with Japanese non- many European artists such as this world. Daikaya’s drink menu is governmental organizations to Claude Monet and Vincent van plentiful and it is the only place in establish a relief fund for survivors Gogh. the U.S. offering the popular after the Great Tohoku Disaster The gallery is open Monday Japanese beer Hitachino Nest on tap and Tsunami in 2011. Onuma through Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as in bottles. became JAA’s first female presi- and Saturdays until 4 p.m. (Yukishige Takesue/ Translated by Sudden Shower at Ohashi Bridge (Ronin Gallery) Stacy Smith is a Japanese trans- dent in 2005 and founded the JAA lator/interpreter/writer Committee on Aging Issues with Zac Heiman) Homepage:www.stacysmith.webs. the Consulate-General of Japan in NY COOL JAPAN is the English Edition of SHUKAN NY SEIKATSU com New York and other organizations. NEW YORK SEIKATSU PRESS, INC., 71 W 47 St, Suite 307 New York NY 10036 USA Blog: (Ryoichi Miura/ Translated by Editor in chief: Ryoichi Miura, Associate Editor: Travis Suzaka, Editor: Sayaka Murayama category/wit-life/ Makiko Kinoto) Advertise Here! Contact 212-213-6069